Transforms your voice

Every voice counts... or just the content?

Do you know what it’s like to record a text, but somehow you don’t like how your voice sounds? Imagine if you could transform it into a professional and flawless computer voice at the push of a button. Our Speech2Speech technology transforms your voice with ease.

Speech2Speech: between voice, text and content...

Our Speech2Speech technology transforms voice recordings of a video or audio file into an anonymous and pleasant voice without losing the original timing. We do this step by step:

  1. Zunächst extrahieren wir die Sprache z.B. aus einem Video und übersetzen den gesprochenen Text in einen geschriebenen Text (Speech-to-Text). Diese Operation ermöglicht eine 100%ige Trennung des Inhalts von der Stimme und führt zur gewünschten Anonymisierung.
  2. The written text can now be edited and amended. Any mistakes or repetitions from the original recording can be easily corrected with the help of a text editor. If necessary, formulations can be improved or adapted. Potentially, we can automatically translate the text into other languages.
  3. From the amended (and possibly translated) text, we generate a new speech file. We generate the new audio data to corresponds to the original spoken text. This means that speech duration and pauses are preserved in the newly generated audio. This eliminates the need for manual adjustments, for example, if the speech needs to be in sync with a video stream.

Example: Replacing an audio track of a video

Since Speech2Speech preserves speech rate and pauses, speech tracks can be replaced seamlessly. In the following example, the original speech track has been transformed and replaced by Speech2Speech technology.

Spoken by human speaker

The original video contains a spoken audio track.

Speech track generated by Speech2Speech

The original voice track of this video was replaced with the transformed voice. The new voice track was neither cut nor adjusted in other ways.

Are you interested in our technology? Then contact us for a demonstration or with your questions, ideas and suggestions.

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