Fast alignment of multi-page graphics documents

Optimal page alignment with dynamic programming

Working with multi-page documents can be confusing: not only is the content of pages changed, but pages are moved, deleted, and added – making it difficult to align the changed document to an earlier version.

A direct comparison of each page with all other pages in the document often leads to logical mismatches: Whenever pages differ little, errors occur easily.

A simple page by page comparison yields wrong alignment of page 3.

If we consider page neighborhoods in addition to page-to-page similarity, the page alignment becomes optimal. The algorithm detects whether a page is a new addition or just a modification of an existing page.

Taking document structure into account makes the alignment optimal.

A classical combinatorial implementation of this algorithm would lead to a very high computational effort. The Align2Match algorithm uses a dynamic programming approach to optimally arrange even large graphics documents with hundreds of pages in the shortest possible time.

Example (implementation in 2|Compare PPT)

2|Compare PPT uses the Align2Match algorithm to align multiple PowerPoint presentations effectively.

2|Compare PPT: 5 presentations at a glance thanks to Align2Match.

2|Compare PPT video

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