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Who we are...

We are an innovative technology startup in the German metropolitan region Rhein-Neckar. Hopie.tech develops tools for the digital society at the interface between humans and digital technology.

...we are Hopie.tech

Dr. Till Steiner


“The true value of innovation is measured by how much people‘s lives get better when using the new technology. To make sure that we generate true value, I am involved in all activities and hold the threads together.”

Michael Bozek

(Sales & Marketing)

“Since the advent of Industry 4.0, I’ve been fascinated by the possibilities of digitalization and thinking about how to use it to create advantages for people and business. I see myself as an advisor to our customers and am happy to answer your questions.”

Dr. Wei Yap Tan


“I know from experience that interactions between people and digital technologies should be both intuitive and fun. That’s exactly what I realize for you in all our products.”

Hopie tech vision

What motivates us...

Mankind can only flourish in harmony with its environment. 

Today more than ever, this harmony extends to the digital world, 

where intuitive handling of technology creates trust and joy in the unique progress that surrounds us.

Enabling everyone to use digital technologies naturally drives us forward. 

As mediators between man and machine, the artificial and the natural, 

we are building harmony between humans and the digital world.

Hopie tech vision

What we do...

We build innovative, digital solutions for you.

We help you to keep track of your data lake:

we prepare, we analyze, we compare and visualize,

so that you put your valuable data to the most profitable use.

Our focus lies on the people who work with these results.

Our products offer a natural interface that is intuitive to use – to increase productivity

and create more joy working with modern data tools.


Let´s talk about your ideas or have a look at our products and downloads…


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