Use Cases

Use Cases

Inspections on the shopfloor

2|inspect is suitable as an inspection system at a fixed workstation as well as a mobile solution for the workshop. Test points are reliably recorded and tested and confirmed according to the proven 2|inspect system.

To inspect an object with the mobile device, its internal camera is used. The 2|inspect system runs as a mobile inspection solution on the Windows tablet and allows the inspector to determine completeness and correctness of the inspection points directly in the workshop on the assembled object.


2|inspect is suitable for scrap inspection of many test objects of a production lot.

To equip an inspection station for batch inspection with 2|inspect, all you need is a Windows PC and a USB-capable camera or microscope. The software supports you with a workflow specially optimized for batch inspection.

Assembly assistance

2|inspect checks the correctness of individual assembly steps and thus ensures the error-free assembly of your product.

During assembly, 2|inspect checks the correct fit and composition of all individual parts. If an error is detected, the software guides the worker through the rework and documents all states and actions without gaps.

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