Visual inspection

Quality assurance in mechanical engineering

The unit has just been completed and is ready for shipment. A final check should ensure the customer’s full satisfaction: 

Are all wires connected? All clamps set correctly? All necessary covers in place? Is the correct nameplate attached?

The visual inspection of complex products with modular variance and very different inspection points is demanding. Large and unwieldy objects in particular are a major challenge for the inspector.

CAVI - computer assisted visual inspection

Complex inspection tasks can be mastered efficiently when man and machine join forces to form an inspection team. In Computer Assisted Visual Inspection (CAVI), both man and machine play to their specific strengths. While the computer does not overlook anything and does not forget any inspection point, the human has the necessary expertise to make complex decisions: Does a detected deviation still fulfill the order? Can the error be corrected or is the component deficient?

Computer systems with artificial intelligence can learn from human decisions. This enables the inspector to train his own virtual assistant over time. The assistant can increasingly make independent decisions about inspection cases and relieve the human in his complex inspection task.

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