2|inspect is a modern, photo-based inspection software that is designed to easily integrate into existing visual inspection stations. It supports the inspector in locating the inspection points and learns from the evaluation he performs. After a short training phase, the software makes inspection suggestions that only need to be confirmed by the inspector.

What 2|inspect offers...

How is the system structured?

How is the system structured?

When designing the software, consistent attention was paid to practicality and suitability for use. The development goal was a seamless integration into existing testing processes. For this reason, the system is structured around the two roles: test planner, who manages the test orders, and inspector, who wants to perform inspections as simply and efficiently as possible.

The role concept results in a two-part software:

  1. The WORKPLACE for the test planner, for the creation and management of test orders.
  2. The auditor APP, for the efficient execution of inspections by the auditor.

This system split supports the practical use on the shopfloor. For example, with the help of the WORKPLACE, inspection orders can be managed from a central computer, while the inspector APP can be used at the assembly workstation. In smaller production units that do not require spatial separation of the two roles, WORKPLACE and APP can be operated on the same computer at the test workstation.

Use Cases

The 2|inspect software does not require any special hardware. It runs on computers with WINDOWS operating system and uses the integrated cameras or a camera connected via USB.

Thus the system can be used stationary at a fixed workstation as well as mobile, with the help of a tablet computer: also hand-guided at very large inspection objects.

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How does it work?

The inspection

The inspector loads an inspection job at his inspection station and follows the instructions given by the software:

  1. Place the test object under the camera
  2. Take a photo of the inspection perspective
  3. Compare target and actual state of the test points and evaluate them by a press of a button
  4. In the case of a preliminary inspection by the inspection assistant, confirm the inspection result 


Creating the inspection order

To create a new inspection order, photos are first taken of the relevant inspection perspectives of the reference or an initial sample. The software then guides you step-by-step through the creation of the inspection order:

  1. Photograph the reference or initial sample
  2. Cut out the test object graphically
    Define inspection points
  3. If necessary, create test assistants
  4. Save test report
  5. Generate PDF test reports if necessary


Training the inspection assistant

Training the inspection assistant

All inspection points to be evaluated by an assistant, are set up when the inspection order is created. When the order is used in inspections, the software automatically collects images of the OK and nOK inspection points. After 10-15 images are collected, the test planner can trigger a training of the assistant. For the training, he uploads the collected images to the Hopie.tech training server and gets back a first trained assistant. The assistant is continuously improved through the use in further inspections and repeated training. Most assistants achieve high prediction reliability after 2-3 rounds of training.

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