2|Compare PPT

Visual PowerPoint Comparison

Uncluttered Interface

for intuitive workflows

Intelligent Features

for an efficient workstyle

Comfortable Handling

for joyful interactions

2|Compare PPT helps you to spot all changes in PowerPoint presentations!

Digital Collaboration

Recognize what has been changed in a PPT presentation.


Identify recent changes and find the most complete document.

Quality Control

Detect changes in images and graphics, watermakrs, logos, and speaker notes.


2|Compare is a software for visual comparison of PowerPoint presentations for up to 5 documents simultaneously. At the push of a button, all differences between an edited presentation and its original are displayed. 2|Compare offers a clean and intuitive interface combined with intelligent workflows to assist you reviewing and comparing multiple presentations.

  • Visual comparison of up to 5 PPT presentations in one overview
  • Comparison of graphics and text
  • Automatic slide alignment
  • Display and comparison of hidden slides
  • Display and comparison of slide notes
  • Animated overlay function for visual representation of all difference in detail

The 2|Compare User Interface

Shows up to 5 PowerPoint Presentations in one view
Finds and highlights changes in text and images
Highlights changes is speaker notes
Includes hidden slides in comparison workflow

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