Our Solution

Our Solution

Optimal visual inspection with 2|inspect

Quality assurance in mechanical engineering

In quality control of industrial assembly processes, manual visual inspection still is the most important method for detecting and classifying product defects: It is very simple and can usually be carried out without further tools. Nevertheless, visual inspection has the disadvantage that it depends on the experience, the form of the day and the concentration of the person performing it. Until now, it has been difficult to eliminate these sources of error with conventional image processing. Modern AI algorithms can finally solve the problem. Due to their learning ability, they offer the inspector the possibility to train personal assistants. With recurring training, the AI assistant relieves the human step by step and reproducibly improves the inspection quality.

2|inspect is an intuitive approach to using the computer and artificial intelligence as an inspection assistant: the inspector simply takes photos of the object and acknowledges the inspection points with a check mark – just as he would have done previously with a paper inspection report. Everything else is done automatically by the software: it extracts the inspection points, compares them with the reference, learns from the inspector’s decisions and documents the entire inspection process in a photo log. At the end, it gives the inspector suggestions and thus speeds up the inspection process.

The software can check objects for presence, correctness and completeness. This makes it particularly suitable for assembly control in mechanical and electrical engineering. For example, it recognizes whether screws, washers and rivets are correctly set. But also whether electrical modules are connected correctly and dip switches have the desired position.

Do you want to find out how 2|inspect can optimize visual inspection in your company?

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